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Gossip Girl Fashion
My favourite Serena’s outfits - Season 4



"All my days lead to the same conclusion; an infinite longing for something which I can never have, a void which I cannot fill, an intense desire to create by every means and to struggle as far as possible against the flight of time and the distractions that deaden my soul; then, almost always, there comes a kind of philosophical calm that resigns me to suffering and raises me above petty trifles. I wish I could identify my soul with that of another person."

- Eugene Delacroix, 1824


Caspar David Friedrich, Abbey in an Oak Forrest (1809-10)


Caspar David Friedrich, Abbey in an Oak Forrest (1809-10)


peyton’s art and her inspiration behind it part 1

requested by theviridiansea

"I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections, and the truth of imagination."

- John Keats [x] (via tedywestside)